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working @ CV today, weeeeeee  
09:10am 17/07/2010
Moothy Awesome
Oh Hai!

heading up to CV today, which means an epic bus ride, but it means since it's sat, we might actually have stuff to do. And it might be pretty steady. Well, one can hope. Only thing that sucks is, that with the way the buses are, I end up late or WAY early, because the buses can't get there on time. kinda annoying.

Then tomorrow I'm at Central as an Aide. Which will be fun coz I'm working with Tam. I freaking adore Tam, she is kick ass mets hilarity.
Then the rest of the week I'm squeezing in shifts left, right and centre, but wednesday is my dress fitting and kyle gets to try on his jacket.
Totally cool.
I can't waittttttttt
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Epic working, general bs and cleo wont stay off my lap...  
10:23pm 15/07/2010
Moothy Awesome
  I worked from 10-8 today.
Not so bad.
but it was a long day.
I'm hoping it gets cleared tomorrow on my time sheet... :S
that is a tad worrisome.

Cleo keeps trying to jump on my lap. Taking ownership of it or something. Thanks Cleo...I don't need it or anything...
no, it's funny that you'd lying on my arm... honest.
Maybe I just wanted to do some quality writing tonight.
guess not.
thanks je
frv540m   ``
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bored, waiting to be let into work  
06:42am 10/06/2010
Moothy Awesome
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plan for today.....  
08:14am 18/05/2010
Moothy Awesome
  1. Get up early, bring out garbage, recycling, etc.
  2. Watch my almost mandatory amount of Slice Tv (Rich bride, Poor bride & Wedding SOS)
  3. Watch Maury
  4. Get dressed
  5. deposit girl guide cookie money into the account at RBC (which seems to only be open the first day of the waning moon if it falls on a tuesday...)
  6. depending on weather/my ambition level/etc mow lawn....
  7. spend most of my day inside on OBB
  8. Go on a date with Kyle.
Let's see how many of these I actually do...
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"Save me Barry!" *falls*  
01:17am 11/05/2010
Moothy Awesome
I dunno what keeps luring me back here, but something does.
let's do a general sum of things, shall we?

Kyle and I now are...get this...planning a wedding reception...just without the wedding part. but yeah kids, it's a for realsies thing.
Changed locations (again)- at Central as Circ, which is cool...(but not woodside)
Also a brownie leader now (yeah - strange too eh?)
Still writing fan-fiction among other things
Thomas (my cat) had to have major surgery in feb and almost died. but is now fine and dandy.
Shennon's moved back home (hurrah!)
Mum's planning on going to New Brunswick for good.
Shennon plans to go with her to some extent.
We're reno'ing the bathroom, which sucks my balls.
I've been sucked into the wonder that is a show called Misfits - epically good.
and likely other crap i can't be bothered to remember.
oh and i have to pee...
mmm mobile posting eh? like from a blackberry? sweet....
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Pub. Right. Then Klingons.  
11:21am 31/05/2009
Moothy Awesome
So okay its been a while.
a long
long while
I was actually quite surprised to find my LJ still alive.

You know what else I havent done in a while? Gone bowling.
So we went last night and it radiated awesomeness, especially since during our 3rd game, Crystal, Kyle and I decided Granny-Style Bowling was much more fun...lesser points involved- but more fun.
I gotta go to work today (back at woodside again), I work with Donna which is always fun...Im hoping the good weather will keep people away....
har har im such a people person :P
anyways, hopefully i'll be more inclined to come on here more...how i've missed it.

mood: relunctant to work
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..hello? what is this place... omg back from the dead  
08:09am 30/05/2009
Moothy Awesome

OMG I can’t remember what brought me back here- but I had an urge to resurface here.

Just on here before I go to work- which I am NOW back at Woodside as an Aide (finally). Kyle is working today too then I think tonight we’re going bowling with Megan, Marky, Crystal and possibly my nephew…all though he’s a much better bowler than I…or any of us for that matter. Lolz.

I think i’ll have to get the client for this again…how I missed you LJ.

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OMFG i havent watched waynes world 2 in forever!!!  
10:47am 20/06/2007
Moothy Awesome
lol im in moms room and Waynes World 2 is on Spike- fuck i havent laughed this hard in sooo long.
"Take me Garth"
"Where? I'm low on gas and you need a jacket"

LMAO! I love it.
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12:53pm 08/06/2007
Moothy Awesome
just making an origami frog at work- very exciting. got a few minutes before i start so why not, helps kill time. 
Just pullin the hold list now, got 60 holds so that's not too bad.
  My cousin Mike brought us 2 of his tvs- a 19 inch and a 32 inch- the 32 inch will replace my old tv downstairs that had a psychedelic freak out on Kevin the other day.
the 19 inch will go in my room *squee*
beats my little 13 inch one lol.
anyways my list is printed, i should go.
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slowly but surely  
09:47pm 07/06/2007
Moothy Awesome
im going to change this to friends only...or semi friends only...
slowly but surely....
ooooo south park.
location: moms room lol
mood: sleepysleepy
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