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"Save me Barry!" *falls*  
01:17am 11/05/2010
Moothy Awesome
I dunno what keeps luring me back here, but something does.
let's do a general sum of things, shall we?

Kyle and I now are...get this...planning a wedding reception...just without the wedding part. but yeah kids, it's a for realsies thing.
Changed locations (again)- at Central as Circ, which is cool...(but not woodside)
Also a brownie leader now (yeah - strange too eh?)
Still writing fan-fiction among other things
Thomas (my cat) had to have major surgery in feb and almost died. but is now fine and dandy.
Shennon's moved back home (hurrah!)
Mum's planning on going to New Brunswick for good.
Shennon plans to go with her to some extent.
We're reno'ing the bathroom, which sucks my balls.
I've been sucked into the wonder that is a show called Misfits - epically good.
and likely other crap i can't be bothered to remember.
oh and i have to pee...
mmm mobile posting eh? like from a blackberry? sweet....
mood: awakeawake
music: kyle's got the UFC on...
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