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working @ CV today, weeeeeee  
09:10am 17/07/2010
Moothy Awesome
Oh Hai!

heading up to CV today, which means an epic bus ride, but it means since it's sat, we might actually have stuff to do. And it might be pretty steady. Well, one can hope. Only thing that sucks is, that with the way the buses are, I end up late or WAY early, because the buses can't get there on time. kinda annoying.

Then tomorrow I'm at Central as an Aide. Which will be fun coz I'm working with Tam. I freaking adore Tam, she is kick ass mets hilarity.
Then the rest of the week I'm squeezing in shifts left, right and centre, but wednesday is my dress fitting and kyle gets to try on his jacket.
Totally cool.
I can't waittttttttt
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