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10:07am 08/12/2006
Moothy Awesome

seriously why does it have to be this cold in here?
i should go turn the kettle on and hug it till i warm up,
at work....again.
Deb asked me to come in and help with the program this morning (squeee!)
which is a-okay with me coz i <3 programs.
omg my hands are freezing!
tomorrow Kathleen and Sio are coming over for wedding type planning. Vickie doesnt have the day off anymore so i dunno about the going for dress fittings.
But I already got plans for the stag and doe (shh! dont tell!)
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH work is eatting my brain....
and my gum is making air bubbles in my tummy :(
eff it, im gonna hug the kettle.

mood: frozenfrozen
music: jan on the phone.
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Weekend update with Moothy awesome.  
02:16pm 27/11/2006
Moothy Awesome

I did nothing.
no really, I kinda didnt do anything really. nothing pooyourpants exciting.
Friday night after work, Vivian (Chris' mom) drove me home and then mom and I watched Shrek 2 and Monster House (during which i was sooo exhausted I passed out hahaha). Then i woke up at 2 in the morning, went back to bed at 5ish, etc. Saturday i attempted to work on homework :P which i got distracted by my laptop and trying to get things happy with the cdrom (and i did- i rule!) Then saturday night i went with Crystal while she babysat Jack and Christopher. During which SHE was so exhausted after the kids passed out, she did right after. :P
So i watched this badass star wars documentry and i think i wanna get a millenium falcon tattoo.....
i'm sooooooo coooool.
and sunday i sat at home doing home work all day then Joe came by to pick up his computer and he ended up staying to talk.
Joe makes me laugh, that guy is so funny.
So now I sit at work, and await the time I can leave to catch my bus so i can be reunited with Victoria <3 <3 <3

mood: sillysilly
music: chitter chatter
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05:43pm 22/11/2006
Moothy Awesome

Jebus whats up with me and all this updating? I never update this much. 
must be all these misc hours i spend at work.
Just on my supper right now. Saw Scott this morning for the first time in forever (he's recently upgraded his computer and has gotten back in WoW- so between school, WoW and sleeping- I never see him...even though he lives at my house...??). We caught up over omelettes and hashbrowns.
Work was easy this afternoon, I had to do the hold list which was only 69 items. lol- sixty nine.
and now i'm here till 8:30 tonight then Diane is going to drive me home.
then i do a split tomorrow.
then i work friday after noon.
then i'm OFF THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!
Then monday after i'm done work i'm going to see Victoria and we're going to go on a romantic dinner date and possibly christmas shopping. ? who knows!!!!!
anyways, peace out, im gonna go eat some coookiessssssss.

location: wo
mood: bouncybouncy
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C'mon man, do it for books.  
12:29pm 21/11/2006
Moothy Awesome
OKay so anyone who loves me and or loves the library, and or lives in either the Woodside or White Oaks area, get off your ass and bring that damn can of baked beans your not going to eat (or the can of no name spaghetti you bought like 50 of and realized they kinda werent your thing) to the Woodside or White Oaks branch library and help those who need it.
I'm not joking.
get off your ass and bring us canned goods. or food that wont go bad, like boxes of rice or macaroni and cheese.
seriously, we have thsi huuuge box and like 4 things in it. Coz I brought them.
And well, if you dont want to donate food to the needy, donate a haiku to me. that would suffice. ;)

fuck the other libraries though, they suck compared to woodside and white oaks anyways.
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think i'm gonna barf.  
01:41pm 17/11/2006
Moothy Awesome
way to go Ruth.
way to combine a bunch of foods, not cook them properly and then decide to stick it in a wrap and try to eat it for lunch.
yeah that was awesome.
now i wanna puke.
location: white oaks
mood: barfybarfy
music: bleggggh
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twice in one day? Improbably!  
04:32pm 14/11/2006
Moothy Awesome
Crack attack # 2!
hold list of 108?
wtf, its just a tuesday afternoon.
I'm bored.
I'm on my break and I'm getting into the crazy stage.
been here all day....
been here yesterday.
Theres shit on my hold list that was there on friday.
someones been slacking over the weekend (not me, i wasnt here.)
I didnt say it was you.....
I think there is way too much applejuice sugar in my body.....
can't think properly. 
I think- in between my lack of sleeping and my over working that i'm going to start another comic...
a comic of hilarity. 
or sleep deprivation.
another hour and a half and i can bounce- like i had a skateboard for eyebrows.
mood: going going...gonegoing going...gone
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02:44pm 14/11/2006
Moothy Awesome

so at work a billion hours this week.
just on lunch right now.
had my 3rd apple juice today.
i love it soooo.
I'm currently in a fit of giggles coz i was going through Laurel_tx's icons and i could easily have pooped my pants with laughter, joy....and, well, some other stuff from my pants for Joy and other pleasure....
maybe thats a bit of an over share. ;)

too bad for you suckers! (what the hell is wrong with me???)
i just want to go homee, my tummy hurts from too many chocolate bars for dinner last night.maybe replacing a nice rice dinner with a kitkat and some weird tasting smarties wasnt the best idea.

i think my brain is melting..

i need....air....or applejuice.

music: nothing
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09:54am 02/11/2006
Moothy Awesome

whats going on?
I know, I know, I dont write, I dont call.
I'll try harder next time.
not much is going on in the life of me..
I dunno if i mentioned this but Scott's moved into my place coz his other apartment licked balls and shennons moved out with vickie and the boys.
I worked last night, this morning, possibly this afternoon and then i babysit from 4:30-9 tonight then i may do the 9-5 thing tomorrow.
this afternoon adn tomorrow morning depend on whether this one woman is willing enough to take 1 shift for someone else. If now, then its me doing my lost list this afternoon and then getting sue to bring me straight to babysitting coz i cant do my list tomorrow.
nobody does extra shifts here but me.
its kinda weird.
im gonna print my hold expired list now coz when eileen comes shes gonna need to me to show her how to do cash...(aides dont do cash here anymore, the circ do.) and i bet your all like....aids? circ? wtf?

take it easy.


location: White Oaks
mood: awakeawake
music: something classicalish that Deb's listening too.
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you cant win with me.  
06:15pm 04/10/2006
Moothy Awesome
so since opl is mean and is denying me of zefrank. I've come to whine.
You always whine.
I'm working with Jocelyn tonight. She's kinda cool but...
but what?
she's not Victoria.
not this again.
Well- she's not. Like, she did this kinda cool thing where she read me the definition of my name....but...it wasnt AS fun.
well as far as your concerned- Nobody's Victoria.
Victoria's Victoria.

Night shifts arrent as much fun...
mood: thinkingthinking
music: soup....i love soup. soup isnt music tho...booo.
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we're not strangers anymore- when i peed i didnt shut the door....  
07:12pm 20/09/2006
Moothy Awesome
So, I havent posted in a hundred years, so i'm gonna do the best i can while i'm on my break. I'll post teh pictures when i get home.
Okay so Comiccon weekend (sept 1-3) was badass, Friday Chris and I went to Video Games Live- which was soo sick. serriock. It was incredible and after we went down for the meet and greet so we could get Tommy Tallarico to sign our earthworm gim games and we waited for OVER AN HOUR before they told us, yeah 15 more minutes guys- then we have to close up. So Tommy Tallarico moved to the side to sign and he signed our games adn we got a picture of us with him.
Saturday I work up - mildly disapointed because all my nigs had bailed out on going to the comic-con. But my disapointment was subsided by my stubborn pride and determination to dress up like zombie. So I started to get my zombie gear on at like....10:30 and Shennon made arrangements with Dave for me to go with him. So at like 12ish I went with Shennon to Microtech to hang otu with Dave.
looking like a zombie.
So Shennon and I were sent on the Wendy's mission.
I creeped people out.
They left teh resturant adn the cashier wouldnt take me seriously.
but i got my salad wihtout the meaty stupid chili and it was great.
Dave and I trained it into teh city and at the comic con we ran into Sio, GRahamarama and Eriks. CRazy. We also had Alice Coopers body guards push us around and we got to schmooze wtih teh red vs. Blue guys.from them I got myself a Bow Chica Bow Wow shirt, season 2 signed and I picked up a toque and season 4 signed for Scott (he was unable to attend.) Then i bought some NES and SNES games.
Yeah- Awesome, cept my nes died that night too.
Then next day shennon and i hit up comic con, only me now less zombie like.
We brought the red vs. blue boys maple syrup and they gave me a toque (different than scotts) then we went to ghastly and shennon was in his buddys book (AWESOME) and he got a sketch. then i harassed other people and spent more money.
Then when i got home I called scott to give him his stuff and we chilled out for a bit playign vids.
I'm still pissed my NES died.
then Monday I went out with Crystal but I was SOOOOOOOOOO tired. like a whore after nickel night tired.
and she brought me back here at like, 5ish and i show up and like theres awesome skulls all over my house.
honestly i thought my family had just decided that my way of decorating is wicked.
But it turns out my nigs were on teh deck and my fam had thrown me a pirate party. Turns out my family ignoring me and causing my depression for weeks was them planning a party.
And it was sick. and people dressed up.
I'll post more when i post pictures.

Then this Tuesday(yesterday) i chilled with Victoria in Toronto.
It was awesome, we ate some sweet food and wandered around queen street and lush where i spent SOOOO Much money, then to kensington where we bought some new cons (oh and we're members of green peace now, w00t!)
it was a hilarious adventure and we saw Kris there, whom i introduced Victoria too and his mom thought me and Victoria were huugge dykes together.
man- what a giggle.
Anyways, if anyone is still reading after all that, i'll post more later, i have to go back to work.
mood: drydry
music: nothing
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