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¤Reppin' Hopedale since 1983!¤

(and stalking Julia since 2001)

Moothy Awesome
We're sorry, due to circumstances beyond our control, the contents of
this journal were lost over over seas. Luckily it is being worked on
by a pack of wild drunken chimps.
We hope you enjoy the new entries.

i'm just some random ridiculous girl who hangs out at hopedale too much and works at a library.
and my interest list is too long.

ac/dc, adding interests, afi, alan moore, alice in wonderland, angel, animal rights, anime, atari teenage riot, black sabbath, books, buffy, busta rhymes, cartoons, cheese, clerks cartoon, clive barker, clone high, comics, concerts, cowboy bebop, crapulence, cremulance, danny elfman, david bowie, david thewlis, dead like me, delirium, depeche mode, dizzee rascal, drawing, edward gorey, essence, fanfics, fight club, firefly, forks in my eye, garfield, gary oldman, ghastly comics, ginger snaps, gir, gwar, hamlet, happy noodle boy, harry potter, hellblazer, hello kitty, hopedale mall, horror, hunter s. thompson, ill mitch, industrial, invader zim, james marsters, jhonen vasquez, jimmy pop ali, jm, john constantine, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, julia del rossi, kevin smith, leftover crack, lewis carol, lunchboxes, metal, mexicans, miming sustance abuse, monster magnet, movies, moxy, nail bunny, neil gaiman, nightcrawler, nightmare before christmas, nin, painting, penny arcade, photography, piercings, pink floyd, pirates, poetry, punk, queer as folk, rambling, randal graves, rasputina, reading, remus lupin, repping hopedale, river tam, rob zombie, scifi, seabourne crew, severus snape, sexy women, shaz, siobhan woodrow, sirius black, sleep-wastedness, smathleen, spike, stories, tarot, tattoos, the crystilis, the hallucinations, the mars volta, the moonshine cafe, the sandman comics, the simpsons, tim burton, tom waits, tonks, tony curran, trigun, van gogh, video games, werewolves, white zombie, woodside library, writing, xbox, xmen